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Venezuela: Insight a dictatorship with Rodrigo Figueredo

We did a great interview with Rodrigo Figueredo, he is an artist, a political analyst and a social media influencer, he has spent his life defending human rights, freedom of expression and democracy.

Questions in the interview:

What was the situation when you had to flee Venezuela?
What happened when Chavez came to power?
What reforms were being implemented by Carlos Andres Perez, the last Democratic president of Venezuela?
How did Chavez use the power when he was president?
How did the connection between Venezuela and Cuba come about?
And what was the deal between Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro?
How did Hugo Chavez choose his successor?
In 2014, the first major demonstration took place in Venezuela. What was the reason?
What happened this year?
Who is Juan Guaido?
What are Chavistas?
Who are the Colectivos?
What about guns and private gun ownership?
The role of Cubans in the army of Venezuela?
The role of the Russians in Venezuela and What happened when the Russians entered the stage in 2017?
What happened to electricity in Venezuela?
The democratic socialism of the 21st century just does not work because of the low oil prices?
Did the US sanctions put Venezuela in this situation?
Does Venezuela shelter international terrorist organization?
Is Venezuela now the largest drug transfer hotspot in the world?
Do people in Venezuela eat their house hold pets and animals from the zoos?
What about prostitution and human slavery?
What could be a solution for the future?
Would you support a US intervention?
If you had a wish, what would you wish for?
Can you imagine walking across the border from Colombia to Venezuela?

Rodrigo Figueredo "As an artist, a political analyst and a social media influencer, I have spent my life defending human rights, freedom of expression and democracy. I left Venezuela with my family in 1993 for political reasons. Since then, I have been working along the Venezuelans who struggle to recover freedom, justice and democracy from the Chavista revolution. In the country and abroad, on the front and back scenes, I have relentlessly pushed for the end of the status quo, with empathy and a global vision."

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